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If we compare filming a pre-planned corporate talking head and a documentary interview, then some aspects are same in both. But still, there are some key aspects that separate both. The major differences are choice and time, which impacts on all aspects of how the interview is shot. The first aspect is the choice which […]


So you’ve heard some of the hype surrounding video, and you’re debating whether to splash the cash and invest in a corporate video. Well, to help you decide, here are five secrets that you should consider when making your decision: HELPS IN INCREASING RANK OF YOUR WEBSITE Despite its ever-changing algorithm, Google loves video. In fact, […]

 Video Pre-Production Process

Depending upon projects, the pre-production process for video creation changes slightly. The factors which change the pre- production process is whether you want to make a video for TV ads, online video, Training video or Corporate film video. Though the key steps remain the same and the stages below apply to all of them. For […]

Cost of advertisement on TV

An advertisement on TV is well-defined according to 10-second unit. TV stations sell an advertisement inventory in terms of spots and seconds, so ad-spots are a good enough metric to know if you’re thoughtful about employing ads on TV. National ad-spots can be bought through broadcasting agencies and sales systems, which is an economical method to […]

Top badass villains and their dialogues from Bollywood

Jaykant Shikre from Singham Prakash Raj is the most loved villain of Bollywood. In Singham he plays a role of a don and politician who runs a number of rackets including smuggling, kidnaping and extortion in Goa. The iconic dialogue by Prakash Raj is still popular-“Mere saath kuch bhi karneka, mera ego hurt nai karneka”. Kancha […]