If we compare filming a pre-planned corporate talking head and a documentary interview, then some aspects are same in both. But still, there are some key aspects that separate both. The major differences are choice and time, which impacts on all aspects of how the interview is shot. The first aspect is the choice which […]

Types of VFX

The VFX industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In order to produce attractive effects and creative environment, the filmmakers in Hollywood as well as in Bollywood use VFX effect. VFX effects are used to create virtual environment outside the context of live action. It is suggested that VFX must be […]

4K V/S 2K Resolution

What is 4K and 2K? What is resolution? How to choose the right screen? For amateurs …these questions could be startling! Meaning of Resolution Actually the television screen or the computer screen comprises of billions of dots–Technically called ‘RESOLUTION‘. This Resolution determines the clarity of the picture or video. The term dpi(x no of dots […]