Video Content Marketing

The digital landscape has changed significantly, people are looking out for desktop and laptop computers to search the web and interact with content. Video marketing is the best tool to promote your brand and also helps to boost your site’s SEO. We are from Corporate Film Makers. If you want to make any corporate videos then […]

5 key tools to remove background noise from your audio

Normally we have a tendency to concentrate on the video visuals, and neglects and don’t consider sounds as imperative as visuals. The beginners in video production concentrate on catching great quality footages but they lack in their sound quality. This is the difference between an experienced video production company and a new one. Definitely sound is as […]


  When considering methods of promoting your business or product, a promotional video may not be the first thing that comes to the mind. For many companies, the idea of creating a video that involves some amount of work and commitment may seem unfeasible, and beyond the limits of your budget. However, in recent years […]

 Importance of Video in Service Industry

    If you are selling a service, then you know the power of personal contact. Your customers are more likely to have chosen you because they feel a strong connection. A corporate video will harness your personality to showcase you and your service in a way that words never can. Here are the reasons […]


If we compare filming a pre-planned corporate talking head and a documentary interview, then some aspects are same in both. But still, there are some key aspects that separate both. The major differences are choice and time, which impacts on all aspects of how the interview is shot. The first aspect is the choice which […]

 Video Pre-Production Process

Depending upon projects, the pre-production process for video creation changes slightly. The factors which change the pre- production process is whether you want to make a video for TV ads, online video, Training video or Corporate film video. Though the key steps remain the same and the stages below apply to all of them. For […]